BCU Imaging Biobank supports scientific research

Bio Check Up Team

BCU Imaging Biobank

The BCU Imaging Biobank(BCU-IB) is a non-profit biorepository aimed at the collection, storage and retrieval of diagnostic images, derived descriptors and clinical data. The primary purpose of BCU-IB is to promote scientific advances in imaging and analysis, opening new avenues for biomedical research to diagnose, treat and potentially prevent disease.

BCU-IB ollects a large amount of images of the human body, including healthy and pathological subjects. Diagnostic images, clinical, anamnestic and demographic data are made available to study the associations between imaging phenotypes, diagnostic and prognostic factors. The curated data sets are stored and organized in a secure and reliable dedicated information system hosted by Bio Check Up Srl.

BCU-IB has been created as part of the “Molim Onco Brain Lab” project. The biobank received the approval of the Ethics Committee in December 2020 and has been part of the Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research (BBMRI-ERIC) infrastructure and its Italian node BBMRI.it since March 2021. The collections were included in the BBMRI-ERIC directory, including newly established COVID-19 patient cohorts. The collections, available on the online platform upon written request, contain images acquired in multi-modality (computed tomography, magnetic resonance, PET) and clinical data.


Users regularly accredited at the BCU Image Biobank, can access the dedicated IT platform - based on XNAT - and take advantage of some online services, such as:

  • import multiple images acquired from different devices
  • manage and consult the collections and related data
  • run data processing and analysis scripts on raw images

BCU Imaging Biobank supports scientific research by sharing among researchers images and data necessary for carrying out research projects.

Key Features

  • Supported imaging modes: TC, MR, PET, EEG
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Security in the treatment of sensitive data
  • Integrated image viewer

Technical Features

  • Accessible from all browsers
  • Connection to PACS
  • Storage capacity (+50 Tb)

More information: biobanca@biocheckup.net




The imaging biobank is funded by PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020 for the "Molim Onco Brain Lab" project