Biocheckup®Connect is our technological platform that applies a proprietary software for viewing and managing reports. The platform uses the latest generation systems for security and data protection. These systems and the up-to-date technology allow us to provide advanced services of high quality and reliability.
Biocheckup®Connect has connections for the most varied integrations with RIS applications:

  • HL7
  • VPN Connections

Structural and technological requirements:

Server room has the following features:

- controlled temperature
- access control
- fire protection systems
- “Disaster Recovery” systems
- information backup system on optical disk
- cluster server
- fiber connection
- high performance server
- raid storage archives
- backup systems
- mngement systems on differentnodes
- cluster type system
- data security

The managing flow of teleconsultation, remote management and quality monitoring involves a series of services and applications:



From a security point of view, a hardware firewall ensures data protection from external access. The data are included in our proprietary platform, created specifically for the IT management of sensitive health data. The platform is a Web Application that works on Linux servers, using open source programming languages and a non-relational database (MongoDB). The archives on which the data is saved are of the raid10 type, which significantly reduces the risk of data loss. For further security, a "Disaster Recovery" was created to prevent any machine downtime of the services offered. The platform generates, in addition to the single consultation, also reports with statistical analysis on the data sent by the customers. Customers, requesting internal reports, can have a further control over their business.


Biocheckup®Connect uses a DICOM data analysis station (NVIDIA’s DGX Station®) for the control and classification of images both from the qualitative point of view and from the appropriateness of the exam. The quality control monitoring flow manages each customer individually and can aggregate data for overall reports. The quality control monitoring programme allows the extraction of approximately 20% reports in relation to the annual production. An algorithm allows a random selection of reports made anonymous by a pseudonymisation procedure, as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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